Barbara Chamberlin

Barbara has been a singer, performer, and teacher for many years, both in Whitehorse and in the Pacific Northwest. She has appeared on CMT, Breakfast TV, Bravo, and toured internationally as a performer/songwriter.

She grew up the daughter of a choir director and has always loved anything to do with voice. This has helped her transition to becoming the Whitehorse Community Choir's acting conductor in 2005, when she founded the Neptunes, the mostly men's choir. She is continually exploring and learning both conducting and voice, attending two years at the BC Choral conducting class and studying with Bruce Pullen (UBC), Adam Con (U of Georgia Southern), and Bruce Browne (PSU).

Barbara currently resides in the lovely suburb of Riverdale, teaches voice & piano, is exploring blues & jazz on voice and sax, and runs a B&B in the summer.


Barry Kitchen

As pianist and organist, Barry has led choirs and congregations in London, Ontario and in Whitehorse at Trinity Lutheran and Whitehorse United churches. He has taught music and band classes in Alberta schools, at all levels, and in Whitehorse at Grey Mountain Primary School.

He has been accompanist for the Whitehorse Community Choir since 1996.

Barry has been a piano technician since 2001, tuning and repairing pianos throughout the Yukon. Barry teaches piano privately and lives with his wife Wendy.


Cheryl Wishart

Cheryl Wishart was born in Nanaimo, BC. She first started learning the piano when she was 6 years old with her piano teacher mother. For five years, she played the clarinet with her high school band. In 1990, she moved to Whitehorse; it was while studying with Joyce and Henry Klassen that she received her ARCT with the Toronto Royal Conservatory.

Besides working as an accompanist with the Persephones since 2006, Cheryl teaches private piano lessons and is actively involved with the Yukon Registered Music Teachers Association. You can also catch Cheryl’s sought after talent as she performs here and there in various piano ensembles.

Cheryl lives on a large property down the South Klondike Highway with her dog, two horses and a donkey.